About the Chiasm


 A “Chiasm” is a literary device that was used anciently to help reinforce ideas and to help people remember them. The word is pronounced ky′-az-um but is also called “chiasmus.” And the plural form is “chiasmi.”

  The word means “Cross.” That is because after certain ideas are given, there is a “cross-over” point, and the old ideas are now repeated, but in reverse order, thus reemphasizing them.

   Chiastic structures are usually diagramed as below, showing that the same ideas are given, then repeated in reverse form:


  1.   Idea One
  2. Idea Two
  3. Idea Three
  4. Idea Three
  5. Idea Two
  6. Idea One


     This repetitive form is found in many ancient narratives, such as the Bible.  And understanding chiastic forms in the scriptures can greatly enrich one’s reading.

   Chiastic structures can be found in small samples of text, long narratives, even entire books.

   This video shows that the whole Bible is a chiastic structure. This makes clear the Bible cannot be a hodge-podge of texts assembled by unknown persons at a late day. Rather it was written from beginning to end by prophets who were guided by the Lord and His Holy Spirit, and thus the same images and concepts prevail throughout the Bible.  The major concept Jehovah instilled into these pages was that He is the Bridegroom.

   This imagery dominates the Old Testament and the New Testament, particularly John’s Revelation, where themes given in Genesis are paralleled.

  Jesus’ atoning work was the great Turning Point of this great chiasmus, which He worked out on the Very Cross itself. There He fulfilled previous witnesses given of Himself as Bridegroom. 

  After His Death upon the Cross and His Resurrection, and because of it, Man’s Destiny was changed. The losses to the Bride, as portrayed in Genesis, are all restored in greater magnitude in “Revelation.”


The Bible is the Source of All Chiastic Structures.

The Life of Jesus Christ is the Great Overarching Chiasm. All other chiasmi are patterned after His great works. The Bible is the source of using types and shadows in other literature. It is also the source of chiastic structures present in other literature. This would be so because, as traditional Jews and Christians believe, it was the first of all literature. Chiastic structures were used inside its writings. When completed as “Revelation” is fulfilled, it will truly be the Overarching Chiasm.