About the Writer

Lenet Hadley Read developed sensitivity to literary symbols in University studies.

When she encountered the rich symbolism of the Bible, she was excited to see the Old Testament stemmed not from a cruel God who demanded the blood of animals or of Isaac. Rather, it issued from a Loving God who was foretelling through similitudes that He would come down and offer His blood and His Life as Son to atone for the sins of men.

This makes an amazing difference! While a growing number of people understand this, she has gone further and sees how His portrayal of Himself as Bridegroom gives the Bible a cross, or chiastic, shape.

She goes further still to show how God’s Holy Days foretold all the Great Works of salvation Jesus Christ would do. And that of His six prophetic Holy times, only two remain to be fulfilled!

Finally, she shows how the prophecies of Israel had double meaning. If we read them only as pertaining to the Jews, we miss the overwhelming mass of their truths. For they also foretold the future of the rest of Israel, forgotten by men, but not by God. She gives many examples of how the Lord’s works to save  the rest of Israel were repeatedly prophesied. She show those prophecies are coming to pass right under our noses.

She has discovered all these things while loving and raising five children, loving twenty-three grandchildren and now ten great grandchildren.  

Professional Training and Experience

B.A. from Brigham Young University

Post Graduate Studies in Religion at University of Florida

Instructor of College-age Religious Institute Studies in Indianapolis, IN, and Houston, TX

Instructor at Church Educational System Symposiums at Brigham Young University

Instructor at Education Week, Brigham Young University

Teacher of many local religion classes and lecturer at many other religious events

Other sources to check out

She blogs about scriptures at: www.scriptureslenethread.blogspot.com which is featured in

www.ldsgospeldoctrine.net .

Her videos can be found on www.thefinaldaysofawe.com