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Twenty-five Published Articles:

  1. “Symbols of the Harvest” (The Ensign, January 1975)
  2. “The Other Half of Giving” (The Ensign, March 1975)
  3. “The Scriptures, My Rod and My Strength” (The Ensign, March 1977)
  4. “The Parable of the Tame and Wild Olive Tree” in “I Have a Question.” (The Ensign, April 1977)
  5. “King Lamoni” (The Ensign, August 1977, and in It Begins with a Family, Deseret Book, Salt Lake City,

      UT, 1983)

  1. “The Ark of the Covenant, Symbol of Triumph” (The Ensign, June 1980)
  2. “All Things Testify of Him” (The Ensign, January 1981)

8-16. “How the Bible Came to Be;” a series of eight articles (The Ensign January-September 1982)

  1. “A Book about God’s Love” (The Ensign, January 1988)
  2. “Elijah and Elisha, Foreshadowing the Latter-day Work” (The Ensign, March 1988)
  3. “Jesus Christ: Types and Shadows of” in The Encyclopedia of Mormonism (MacMillan Company 1992)

       and in Jesus Christ and His Gospel, (Deseret Book, 1994)

  1. “Learn and Live” (The Ensign, September 1991)
  2. “The Feast of Trumpets and the Receipt of the Golden Plates” (Journal of Book of Mormon Studies,

       Fall 1993)

  1. “The Golden Plates and the Feast of Trumpets” (The Ensign, 2000)
  2. “How Christianity went to the British Isles” (Meridian Magazine, March 17, 2011)
  3. “Mesoamerican Model or Heartland Model: Must Only One be Right?” (Meridian Magazine, January

      26, 2012) with David Read

  1. “Christ as Bridegroom: The Overarching Chiasm” (Discoveries in Chiasmus, Yvonne Bent, ed)